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Positions:Engineering & Technology

Engineering Mission:
Develop Mascot Spring into the most technologically advanced, creative, and responsive global supplier of precision metal and plastic components and sub-assemblies. We have built on our basic strengths with new advanced systems and facilities, highly specialized capabilities, and a group of leading scientists, engineers, and manufacturing professionals.
Applications Engineering
A centralized, cross-functional group of engineers and researchers who develop solutions to complex problems through innovations in design, testing, materials, and manufacturing. We work directly with customers in the development stage of engineering.
Prototypes, Special Order, Short Run
Mascot Spring welcomes orders for limited quantities of special springs and custom metal parts for your prototype projects.
We pursue the state of the art in precision metal forms and sub-assemblies through research and development in:

Capabilities and Tools

Material Testing and Failure Analysis
Our advanced materials characterization systems located in the PDC provide Mascot Spring engineers with important data for design optimization and process improvement.

Design and Solid Modeling
The proprietary software programs developed by Mascot Spring enable us to design and optimize critical components quickly and accurately.

Dynamic Simulation
Through dynamic simulation, our engineers can simulate how components perform in operating conditions prior to any prototyping or manufacturing.

Functional Prototyping
Our extensive utilization of full scale production machinery in the PDC enables us to provide functioning, reproducible prototypes quickly and efficiently.

Mechanical Testing
Sophisticated test equipment located in the PDC not only provides performance and life cycle analysis, but it can also replicate operating conditions such as extreme heat or cold.

Finite Element Analysis
Through the employment of finite element analysis, we’ve been able to significantly reduce the cycle time in the optimization and analysis of designs.

Applications Laboratory
Our test cells in the PDC are set up to measure the performance of new spring products in the actual operating environments.


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