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 Instruction for Selection of Die Springs with the Rectangular Section of Wire
The die spring with the rectangular section of wire (here in below referred to “the die spring”) is mainly used for metal press dies, metal casing dies, plastic injection dies as well as precise machinery, etc. The die spring, which is made of a wire with rectangular section, features small size, good spring, high rigidity and precision as well as fine look coated with various color.

MS die spring from our factory is made by exquisite craftsmanship and inspected strictly before ex-factory according to JIS (6 standards), notional standard of US (4 standards) and ISO (4 standards) with a top quality and long service lifetime.
At present, MS die spring totaling 14 series with thousands of grades are available.(see The Product Series Table for detail).

The Features and Advantages of MS Die Spring:

1. Material: Made of high grade quality Cr steel, it has a good fatigue resistance, high temperature resistance and a good toughness.
2. Wire Shape: The section of the wire is of rectangular one with round edges, helping to reduce stress concentration in it under high speed operation condition.
3. High Pressure Treatment: It is through high pressure treatment three times to relief the residual stress in it without any deflection, breaking or shorting in length under use.
4. Shot Peening Treatment: Shot peened, it has a compact structure under the surface layer thus its fatigue strength is increased.
5. Service Lifetime: Depending on the stroke of die, the service lifetime of P1 is over a million cycles, P2,50 million cycles and P3, the limit value.
6. Service Frequency: Over one thousand cycles, it completely meets the requirements for modern dies.

Use Value of Die Springs and its Selection:

1. Die springs have important function in die assembly although it is very low-cost. Reducing costs for dies by saving a die spring will lose your time and your efficiency will lower.
2. During design of dies, it is necessary to select correctly the load applied on the die spring, and its size and fitting position before hand.
3. The intermediate cycling load should be selected for the design load, P, of the die.
4. In case the die spring is not fit for ready dies, the other must be selected for the ones. Grinding the inner and outer diameters or both end surfaces of the die spring is never allowed.
5. Whenever the die has been repaired with the guide hole of the die spring in the die shallower, the guide hole must be deepened in proportion to prevent the die spring to be inserted from impacting or the die from damage in operation.

Fitting of Die Springs:

In order to achieve the best operation performance of the die spring, caution:
1. If the die spring is fitted in the guide hole of die without a guide rod, two coils at least must be fitted into the hole.
2. If the die spring is fitted in the guide hole of die with a guide rod, the rod must be longer than the die spring.

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