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Gas spring


Mascot Gas Spring beginning 1999, The Corporation consists of a special department, which engages in gas spring research and development and equipped with gas spring performance test bench. Exhausted life test bench. high and low temperature performance impact test bench as well as.  CAD special design systems by computer control.  The special equipments include; Salt fog test bench, simulated trestle test bench, stretch. Intensity test bench and cylinder blast test etc ;All of the design ,develop and production is in the leading position in domestic same professions.

Mostly product has Gas Spring-Chair Type, Gas Spring-free Type, Gas Spring-lock Type, Gas Spring Damper.  gas strutgas struts, gas shocks, gas springs, industrial gas springs, nitrogen gas springs, gas shock absorber, cabinet gas spring, locking gas spring, compression gas spring, lift o mat, lockable gas spring, gas damper, gas lift, gas cylinder,  cylinders ,damper,damper assembly, steering damper, steering damper, steel damper,

Application: moon roofs, luggage, quick-copiers, farming equipment, textile machines, hospital beds, residential bed, toolboxes, designer doors and windows, compartmentalized cupboards.

For special demand gas spring, only need customer provide with the connection type, Mounting distance and the bearing weight, we can design and produce special gas spring for you.

Different Connection are available depending on the application, Mascot gas spring therefore offers a wide range of plastic or metal hinge eyes,
Including the easy-to Mount angle joint that only has to be fitted on the ball socket allows for twist-free installation.

Gas Spring Samples

Connection Fitting


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